By: Mag. José Andrés Cuadros Del Carpio.
We should observe the transformation of sulfur and carbon dioxide in other gases in gaseous planets of the Solar System and Venus planet, and we should apply that transform in our atmosphere.
Part of the transformation of sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide in other gases in gaseous planets of our Solar System and in Venus planet was transmited by Discovery Channel. This solution should be applied by NASA. Nasa might send waves to the space to aply this solution. The exploration of the universe should be just through of waves to the space to explore places so far and know new things of the Universe. Nasa might send waves that do not have mass neither weight that go to inside of a small black hole, and there inside films other universes!
In the video of this link of Discovery MAX in YouTube from its minute 33 is explained how the dioxide of sulphur of the moon Ión of Jupiter transforms in ions of óxigeno until water by the magnetism of Jupiter and the sunlight, after that, that water arrives at another satelite of Jupiter called Europe. This video is in Spanish, you have to translate, the video is in this link:

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